Why is the food pantry called Elisha’s?
You can find the answer to this by looking at the scripture reference for the pantry - 2 Kings 4:42-44. Elisha, a prophet often referred to as a “man of God”, was given twenty loaves of bread and newly ripened grain from the first fruits of a generous, compassionate man. Elisha commanded his servant to give the food to the people “that they may eat”. Elisha’s servant, seeing the great need, questioned their ability to feed such a large number of hungry people with the small amount of donated food. Nevertheless, Elisha assured his servant that God would take the gift of food and multiply it in such a way that all would eat and some food would actually remain. According to the Bible, the food was distributed by the servant to the huge crowd of people in obedience and in faith. All were fed and there was a portion of food left over just as Elisha foretold.
When did the pantry open?
The pantry was the first outreach ministry of Freedom. We opened our door in October of 2007.
Why does the pantry exist?
The food ministry of Freedom Fellowship exists to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow. Our mission is to minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the Lakeway area. We believe God will take the generous food donations we receive from caring people and multiply them to feed the hungry.
Who does the pantry serve?
Anyone in need. We have served hundreds and hundreds of families from Hancock, Grainger, Hamblen, Jefferson, and Cocke Counties.
When can clients get food from the pantry?
The pantry is open each Tuesday at 6:00 pm.
What does it cost to get food from the pantry?
Absolutely nothing - all food is free to those who are in need. The only thing that clients are required to do is attend a brief assembly before they enter the pantry. During this assembly, teachers with the heart for this ministry provide a meal of spiritual food from the Word of God.
You can bring food.
On the first Sunday of each month, bring any type of non-perishable food item to Station 180. Elisha’s will take your food and stock it in the pantry, which will be used to feed the growing number of families we serve each week.
You can pray.
Your prayers are always the best way for God to know that His people care about His work. When you pray a specific prayer for God to bless the ministry of Elisha’s Food Pantry, then God will be faithful to your request.
You can volunteer.
Do you have the heart to serve? Do you have the desire to provide encouragement? Do you have the desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus? Do you have the gift of teaching? Then volunteer to serve at the pantry.
You can spread the word.
There are many people in your circle of influence that may have the desire to help provide food, funds    or even use the services at Elisha’s Food Pantry. All you have to do is tell them about the ministry.
You can give financially.
There are times that you may want to help, but would rather share a financial gift out of the richness of    God’s blessing on your life. You can be assured that 100% of your gift will go to help provide food for the pantry.
Who do I contact to get involved?
Contact the church office  865-674-6465

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